To Receive Blessings Through The Intercession of St. Jude

1. Continue doing intercessory hour for Nine days at a fixed time.

2. For 9 days without let-up, partcipate with utmost devotion in the Holy 
    Qurbana and receive the Holy Communion.

3. Participate in the Novena seeking intercession of St. Jude.

4. Request to Conduct Novena Prayers in your name or others name.

5. Carry-out offertory and charity in the name of St. Jude seeking his abundant
    blessings in return

6. Undergo fasting with utmost piety and sacrifices seeking blessing through 
    the intercession of St. Jude.





Holy Qurbana
Rs. 100.00
Lighting 1001 wicks
Rs. 1001.00
Solemn Mass
Rs. 150.00
Rs. 50.00