At Koothattukulam Town Church, 10 days grand Novena Feast of St. Jude the apostle; the worker of miracles the intercessor of difficult cases and the desperate, celebrated from October 19th to October 28th with World's biggest 1001 wicks Oil Lamp lighted.

On Feast Days 5:30 AM, 7:00AM, 10:00AM, of 5:00PM Holy Mass, Novena, Adoration at 6:30 PM Lighting of the 1001 wicks Oil Lamp.
Famous Candle Light Procession on 27th October.

All Faithful are Cordially invited to Receive God's Grace and Blessings by Participating in the intercessory Prayers and in the Grand Celebration of Novena Feast.

Their Eminancies Arch Bishops and Bishops celebrates the Holy Mass & delivers Sermon.